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It used to take a village, now it takes a whole world wide web.”  Is life in this fast lane easier or more difficult?  We at Leading Ladies Unlimited think that it is both.

Technology has given us tremendous access to the information we seek; it allows us to send and receive communications with what feels like the speed of light, and it allows us to stay connected with our loved ones, our work, and our world 24/7. Sometimes that makes things easier, and sometimes it makes things more difficult.

When I started my personal pursuit of wellness and wholeness in 1995, I was desperate to know “what I needed to do” and “how long the process would take.” At that time, I didn’t understand that the way to wellness is a lot more about “being” than it is about “doing,” and that the journey to wholeness is a lifelong pursuit. After 20 years, I still often struggle with the unending nature of this process, but I also know that there isn’t any other way that I would choose to live my life. I want a life of great wholeness– one that is filled with good health, prosperity, and happiness for me and the people that I love.

Leading Ladies Unlimited is a reflection of this wholeness life philosophy. In this high tech, low touch world, we all need a nurturing place where we can take pause and reconnect with ourselves, others and God. We also need a place where we can celebrate the Leading Ladies that we are and learn how to become the best Leading Ladies we can BE in our families, our careers, and our world.

Carpe Diem!

Cheryl Ellison
Executive Director, Leading Ladies Unlimited


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