September 11, 2015

BE Love –
You Are Beautiful –
A Different View

I do boudoir photography for women. I use very little photo shop, and most of the time none unless requested. My photo shoots generally start out as a gift to significant others or spouses, but truly end up being a gift for the woman I am taking pictures of. Here’s the honest truth I don’t do these pictures for your significant other or your spouses. I really don’t, the entire time you are in front of my camera I’m thinking about you … I want you to love you and we all deserve that!!! This life is short and we as woman should love ourselves flaws and all. I have taken pictures of older women, younger, skinny, full figured and so on. What I have learned is not one woman, no matter their size, has walked in loving herself fully … Not one! Even the woman where in my mind, I think she is literally flawless… Not even she walks in loving herself 100%.  They may like their eyes or lips or their shoulders but not one woman has ever felt 100% happy with themselves. We are our own worst critics! “Can you hide this?”  “I don’t like that..”  and it goes on. It’s extremely sad to see women tear themselves down, but through my photo shoots I am able to give these women a gift, they are able to see themselves through my eyes.  I use natural lighting, and again very little photo shop and they all have loved their pictures, many women have said they often pull their photos out to remember. If I can change for a moment how a woman feels about herself, I am doing something right because it’s far more than a picture to me. We love in a very superficial society where everyone feels the need to have to look “perfect” “flawless”… Hollywood has given us such a false idea of a beautiful woman but our flaws are what make us unique and beautiful. I was 300 lbs at one point, I know all about self-loathing and self-deprecation. I was very unkind to myself for so long. I would make fun of myself before anyone could. I didn’t love myself even when I should have. Even at my heaviest, I deserved to love me.  I am still on my journey to be as healthy as I can be, but I have learned to love myself during the process. Not just the good parts either… I love my stretch marks… They tell a story of the heavier me and the two healthy boys I gave birth to. I even love my extra skin! It’s a part of me and a part of my journey. I only wished I had loved myself when I needed it the most. My goal is to show women their beauty through my eyes and to see my own with the same adoration. We all deserve to feel beautiful and wanted and desired, we are women we are imperfect yet perfect… love yourself NOW … Because you are beautiful!!!!


Andrea DeJohn

Leading Ladies Unlimited, Original Contributor

Dejohn Photography

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