September 28, 2015

BE Beautiful –
15 Tips for Inner Beauty

Man or woman, young or old, rich or poor – we all want to look and feel beautiful.

From the very first caveman to stagger from his cave to the modern-day commuter on her way to work, history has shown that beauty and the idea of beauty has always been of significant importance to the human race.

We have celebrated it in paintings; vase work, poetry, music, literature, photography and competitions. We have feared and mourned the loss of it, searched high and low for it and finally, celebrated it. Throughout the course of humanity, physical beauty and attractiveness (especially in women) has been considered a somewhat invaluable asset – something that to this very day can be bought and sold. Examples of this today include the use of paid models and sold cosmetics, promising you beauty and the advantages that come with it, all for a costly sum.

Physical beauty is indeed something to celebrate; but as our  standards of beauty have become more unrealistic, unattainable and narrow – both women and men are feeling more and more inadequate. Helpless even!