September 29, 2015

BE Healthy –
Defining Lifestyle Balance

Defining Lifestyle Balance

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Balance…such a buzz word in society today with a myriad of meaning to each of us.  What is it?  What in the world does ‘balance’ mean anyhow?  How do we define it?  How do we get it?  How do we know when we have it?  Why should we strive for it within our every day lives?    Does it really impact our health, our happiness and the quality of our lives?

All these questions and more I have deeply pondered over my own lifetime of 63 years.  As a young girl and ‘middle’ child of eight siblings, the need for affirmation and recognition among each of us with our parents no doubt influenced my own perception as to what ‘balance’ may look like within my life as a result.

As a new bride and young mother, the desire to be that perfect wife and world’s BEST mother ever was an intangible and unbalanced goal to strive for.   Yet most of us transition into these roles in our early family building years with no experience, no maturity and pretty little common sense.  Many of us come with an attitude that we ‘got it all together’ and don’t need someone else’s advise, counsel or personal experiences to give us any wise guidance along the way.   Through trial and error, we journey into this unknown territory alone ~ only to realize at our own crossroads, that life is a cycle and the loving, experienced and mature counsel of the generations before us, could have indeed offered some perspective regarding defining balance along the way.  We all have been there.  Certainly I have!

Then came those priceless young ‘tween and teenage years of growing, disciplining, nurturing and leading our children toward developing authentic character qualities that would impact their lives forever ~ love, integrity, loyalty, honesty and truth ~ just mentioning a few.  Being a parent rather than friend to our children at this critical developmental stage of life is the greatest gift we can bestow upon each other.  Yet those days and years were more often than not, a full time 24/7 career of its’ own.  I think for many of us they were also coupled with  trying to define our own identity and balance within our personal goals and trying to balance this ‘doing life’ thing as a spouse and a parent.

Oh, did I mention career?  Why, I think I did!!  I was blessed with twenty five plus years in an amazing company along with another fifteen years in ministry, both of which provided me with  life changing perspectives and an authentic philosophy regarding my faith, my family and my career.  Yet I can’t say I immediately heeded to the examples being set before me, as I continued racing relentlessly toward an opportunity that offered strong financial security, among so many other wonderful and tangible amenities.  Yet while achieving many high level awards and accomplishing outstanding corporate goals, a deep restlessness began to stir in my soul, gently shifting my focus toward pursuing a lifestyle of balance and becoming fully aware of it’s direct impact upon my own emotional, physical and spiritual health and happiness.

As a contributor of Leading Ladies Unlimited, I look forward to sharing a few of my personal stories and experiences with you, in hopes to inspire and empower you with encouragement as you come along with me toward defining a lifestyle of balance within your own life!

‘Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well’.  3 John 2

Article by: Linda Buttson, Featured Leading Lady